Thursday, February 17, 2011

New people and new things..though I only worry about the words you have to bring, that puts a stop to almost everything, pause what ever I'm doin and turn back and fall into that open wing, but you close a sentence it's feelin almost like spring, I don't wanna grow off into somethin feels like closing links, your my closest connection and I think..think time can't even push you away from a thought so powerful..the thoughts of you I the showers fall from those tears that sink..into my skin leavin eyes so pink, I can wash away tears but I can't stop them from fallin, just like I can't stop my voice from callin..out for you because nothin can stop this ink..I'll keep writing until this message comes across and until then I'd never blink..this is the last time, it's what's between these words that don't need'a hear my voice I don't want your ears to ring..out of pain from the lies you avoid through your thoughts they shrink, I'm sorry for a feelin I trapped into you..It's not strong enough that's why it's fading into clues, wonders of what's on the other side of your own heart, that your thoughts seem to divide multiple answers walkin in different shoes,
apologies over and over, don't take'em anymore and that don't have to take these words, but I'm going to force them into you, and I can promise you one thing..I'm the flower that will bloom, over your sunshine and under your showers that elude, I'll never dry off into the ground I'll always salute..look up to you, pulled me out of the concrete something I thought was impossible to do, and now I'm askin for your help as you drain into me and please don't refuse..I'll come up with a rather..better excuse, what's a black and white world I don't mean to make you feel dilute, but I'll keep talkin and talkin even if you don't understand what's bein reviewed..take it into consideration that I miss you..and when I let go of my own soul that's when I'll lose a thought of realize it's your feelings I exclude, I want you here luyin next to me, I want you to see the best and worst in me, I want you to go on without me, but take my heart with you so your doubt free in this world that surrounds me..
Written By Esra Chebli