Sunday, December 5, 2010

but why do you hesitate to pick up the phone,
wouldn't you rather be at home
because really you just rather get away from your zone,
or maybe from life but I bet there is no escape because its just you and what's inside..
you can't say your not alone,
because what you have nobody will ever know,
I mean either way you keep your emotions on the low..
there's two of you..
a shadow don't try and mock me..
I'm speakin to the unknown..a mystery,
don't try lookin, what for?
historic events or a future response it's on the core..
my life can't beat this world I'm sinkin on shore..
my head drops to the floor,
protect your eyes from the rain when it begins to pour..
until you see signs of the sun..
look to the side your head is sittin next to a gun..
don't rely,
 because better yet he's on the run..
there is no right,
better yet there is no wrong,
it's just so long..
farewell your workin towards the end,
your livin no fairytale
your already in jail waitin for bale,
set yourself free from this misery
follow upon this trail, nobody is with me..
independence is what I chose ..
this life got me thinking
I got such a long way to go
and there's still my broken heart that needs fixing,
I set boundaries with no limits..
these words are sinking
your eyes begin to blur watch as my soul escapes
as I continue printing..
an empty page..
trynna phrase a sentence with the simplest words I can say
please give me the space
I'm trynna figure out what's this I'm beginning to face
I just desperately wait
hoping time will arrive before it's to late
lead me the way, lead me the way
leave me to pray hoping for change
I can't be in this cage
I am so afraid
hold my temper down take me off the stage
I don't wanna show anymore
this smile is fake
I've already walked more then a mile of pain
please leave these eyes to drain
because I'm about to burst
I need to fly away..
I know that I'm alone

Written By Esra Chebli