Tuesday, May 4, 2010


you are what made my heart stone..
what made my eyes storm
created this riot inside me..
everythings torn
fell in love
felt like a new born
treated our love like a chore
I made a mistake
I kept giving more and more....
til it was me you started to ignore..
fell against the floor
sadness overcame me like never before
my heart became to weak to fight this war..
all the damage you've caused it
all this breakage I lost it
you drained me so easily
like water down a fossit
framed us..but with out a frame it was all in my brain
dont know what caused this..
locked my heart in a cell of pain..
so you leave me to drain
you took my face and cropped it..
held my heart and dropped it
my tears..you never mopped them
my dream bubble of me and you..but you popped it
you had the key..and set me free anytime you felt like it
there was noway I could lock it
now I wanna move on..
but you took the space and blocked it
I guess I was never enough..
I leave me to get over it slowely
but til then..Imma leave my pain for you to top it..

Written By Esra Chebli