Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hearing your voice once again,
looking at your face and I pretend..
reading over the messages you have sent
your last words..
us, the perfect blend
Im going to love you til' the end
and im gonna cry for you every night til' I find you right next to my side
ur love is all I depend
my hand  I will lend
you will be always more then a friend
I promise I will emend
I'm going to make up for all the times I've shred
I'm going to hold you in my arms
I'm going to fold my hands onto your palms
you will be my immortal
I will be your one and only girl
love death will be our mortal
I will never make you feel the pain and sorrow
I will be the guide you follow
I will be the cure for the poison you swallow
I promise that as longs as your gone my life will be hallow

By: Esra Chebli