Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dis drama queen,
Imma whipe dis bitch's ass clean
she got nothin better to talk about
She soo cheesy
cheesier then the cheese of ma fetachinne
wantin the attention but she know I'm gettin it the moment the fellows see me
trynna act cute..Hello kitty
but Puke...jello swingy
actin cool..but we ain't livin in a ghetto city
she think she tough..yo..she as big as my pinky
throw her all the way back up her mammas thingy..
ahaha..make her feel shitty
like she tryin to make me feel actin bitchy..
she jelous cuz she know Im twinky..
twinky like the stars she be wishin on to be like me..
hard to face me with the shit she gotta say..shes typing...
talkin the shit behind her computer screen..
cuz she know Imma bust her face in Im sure she wont be liking..
shes riding..
but I'm flying..
I knock her and them behind her like dominos
shes crying..
I make every explaination logical
while shes stuttering,
I ain't flattered by her bluffing..
man I ain't listenin to the eaz-dropping
Imma have to do somethin to get her keys locking..
she keep talking..
like bla bla bla.....
her voice is an irritant to me..
just like how alcohol be an irritant to my belly..
so la la la..
Im lighten it up
make the negative energy positve..
so Imma brighten you up..
sweaten you then freeze you in my ice cream truck..
I'll whip you til ur creamy enough to put on a cake..
then place you on a plate..and have my man eat it while we be on a date..
it's ur birthday..
if ur lucky enough imma sing
but thats to bad..
because now you layin in ur death grave..

Written By Esra Chebli