Monday, February 15, 2010

said at the right place
at the right time
most importantly the words waiting to come out from deep inside
sit back and think..
with a glass of water
through your thoughts you sink
are you willin to take it farther
or did you run outta ink
are you thinkin it over smarter
no mistakes
neither of us want to make
thats why I promise things will never change
the memmories from when we first met
til today
when we became our own set
there will be no games
there will be no pain
it's the time to make it our best
keepin it locked in a treasure chest
no time to play
I got the right words to say
I thought it over
and over
this is somethin I was willin to go for
just serious
I don't mean to be so curious
but I was kinda oblivious
so it was brought up
it was in me for to long
I'm glad notin between us had to stop
and now that huge weight is gone.

Written By Esra Chebli
Im not the happy girl you think I am
people rate my personality a ten
but when I look in the mirror all I see is pretend
I call myself a true friend
but nothin seems to last til' the end
I always got my shoulder to lend
I always have a message that I need to send
I still got words that need to be said
how come life is so hard to go through
theirs so much things I gotta do
who ever is reading this
what do you see when I look at you
I'm sick in this forever flue
I guess I'm still trynna find who I am
I hope I find me soon
It's like I lost who I once was
and now I'm someone new
I never missed anyone so much
I mean the real me
the inner me I lost
were my heart thats suppose to be touched
I wish by an angel
the me who's suppose to be loved
it's not the feeling like I gave my soul away
it's the feeling of a different me in every way
it's hard to see how I'm hurting today
the mirror is the only place
I can look at my face
and see how I have really changed
me is so hard to face
other then blood my body is filled with shame
the feeling of no stronger pain
how can it go away
so I keep moving in the same way

Written By Esra Chebli