Saturday, April 14, 2012

So today was my competition..the day I dedicated all my time and effort to achieve a bridal look.
I never placed in the competition, but I'm still proud of myself and the work I've created..but
it some what bothers me. Here's how it went; so before we begin there's an orientation about the rules,
One, it has to be wearable. Two, it has to be clean. Three, no pins or elastics may show.
Four, it must apply to the theme (Bridal). Five, you need to work safe and sanitize your tools. I basically followed all those rules, but what got to me was..A FEW WINNERS NEVER!'s kind of disappointing because I'd spend like 8 hours a day just to come up with a look, it's my first time competing so I don't know what it's like, and I was competing against older a higher level then I am just because of coarse completion. (To advance in a hair coarse it takes about a year where I'm taking it)..but it's different for everyone. Once I attend post secondary hair school this summer I'm really looking forward to competing again, I shouldn't even be setting high standards upon myself since it's my first time. There was first, second, third, and fourth place who move on to the provincial competition happening may 15, there are 300 competitors in that one, and it's happening at the Edmonton expo center. The thing with competition is that you go through a huge load of stress, and right before the competition your on a emotional rollercoster ride. After dedicating your heart and soul and you don't place, you feel like all your hard work went to waste..and you never know who your up against. Some people pay coaches who have competed in many competitions to get trained, and others like me just have their teacher. Having my teachers was honestly the best, they've helped me through out the whole thing and stayed with me to guide me through my long hours of practice which I really appreciate, they got the products for me, and also helped me develop skill and knowledge for hairstyling. The truth is, in this industry it relies mainly on connections and favors, and you aren't promoted or known unless you are "labeled" a winner which is all good. I'm still able to promote my work myself, and salons alone always look for competitors and dedicated artistic people. I feel like a winner, the people around me are so proud! and hopefully you bloggers and followers are to. This post is getting pretty long, but there's so much to learn and know from competition alone.