Sunday, September 26, 2010

Greatest lie

I know words aint gonna make a difference..
I know nothin will rewind back to the days.
I know this love can never happen again..
I know there'll be noway you'll ever forgive me..
but I can tell you one thing..I hurt you well enough
to leave you scard to never ever forget me..
remember the times..ya gone already..
so if you dont mind..
I'd like to tell you exactly whats been on my mind..
so get ready..cuz Im about to tell you I told you the greatest lie of all time..

(26 sec-1:34sec)
"House keys on the table, Door half way closed"
where hes goin..? I dont know
havent heard of him since the unknown appeared..
a mystery set him free..
locked in my heart,
now leaves a memory behind..
I said I never loved you..never did..
move on because I aint into this...
I wish I can take that back..
never should'a lied..should'a stuck onto it..atleast could'a tried
should'a whiped them tears when I figured you cried..
left your eyes to drain..should'a told you why..
told you stay right get outta my life
now your gone disappeared outta my sight
when for real I wanted to see you
wanted to feel you..Never thought it was right
never wanted you to cry..
it was all a was all a lie..all a lie..

now its all gone..down the drain
told me I was wrong..Im so insane
said I was leavin you..
left you to wait..
when I was lovin wish you'd call back
when I was holdin Im so sad..
shoulda told you...cuz now Im all trapped
-(1:56sec)all he wanted was to know..was did I love him..
I couldn't answer..Im so caught up..
now hes so gone..the greatest guy
from the greatest lie...for the greatest time
Im screamin the greatest cry
it was the last was the greatest fight..
Im still lovin you..but its hidin deep inside..
Im lookin for it in my reflection
its showin it in my eyes..
and I know these words wont mean a thing..
and I dont mean to lose your every strength
cuz Im tellin you I lied..cuz you were my everything..
as senceless as that sounds
its still pilin 3 or 4 pounds..
"Said I'll be just fine without you in my life
I couldn't deny it'd be the greatest lie
Words can't describe just what you mean to me
You know I need you tonight
I told the greatest lie
Said I don't love you
I told the greatest lie, I told the greatest lie
Said I don't love you
I told the greatest lie, I told the greatest lie"

Remake Written By Esra Chebli