Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She refuses to expose the truth. Her hidden demon. Recall back when we all thought there was a reason, but her reason brought the benefit of the doubt, we lost seasons, points descend as we rush completion but who believed us. The motivation, funny. Before I slapped you a strange face appeared and you deny the truth as if you were dissatisfied with me, because I used to believe. You can't fool me. Neither could your tears. I've cried many times but because I'm sincere. I could say so much..Hypocritical shady bitches who claim to know Moses and can't stand for their religion, act as though you know it all yet your changing your exhibits, who don't talk shit and use a smile to keep it hidden. You read that correct..who don't talk shit. rest with the difference, she camouflages with people, deceives and sabotages people with a gimmick. Laugh it off bitch, but I know your games more than you know limits.

Esra Chebli