Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's not like I wonder..If you wonder that your on my mind..
it's not like I care..moments ago I left these tears behind..
with mamories I can bare..but I'll never go back to the days back to the times..
when I was left there to share a fake seeming smile that I've been facing for a while
it's not like Im asking myself what ur doin
or how ur movin through these miles..
I can say it but its disappears after these trials..
and I can face it even if I stare blanklessley at these beating dials..
So here I am..I dont wonder where you've been..
haven't wondered where you went..
it's enough after all that I've seen..
I can feel nothin yet
I got matter and hopes that I still haven't met..
what am I talkin about..
I can careless..
we all go through shit..but out of shit we get the best.
I leave them choices I made right here treasured in my chest..
and they lay with me til the day I rest..
On my own I got this road ahead of me
I'm willing to regret
I'm hoping to see..
a couple of changes I'm already begining to feel
where'd you go..
I'm pushin you farther from here
I'm not asking because it dosn't matter
these words are all real...
and if you say dam after all these years..
say it but your spillin tears..
they speak to me I guess you gotta cope with ur fears..
I hope ur gone sharin a fuckin peice
happier then you'll ever be
forget me burn a historic gallery,
it's only been a while ago..
how you ridin on broken wheels?
flyin with broken wings..
curruption so deep..
man these words are for you
distruction has you week..
"baby please"
begging to believe..
its time I play the tune to the melody of my life..
its time I hear a beautiful rythem after all a cry..
Im leavin everything behind..
It's been about time..

Written By Esra Chebli