Friday, April 2, 2010

My Inspiration...He is.

Freedom...this freedom flag
K'naan you makin the world sing
K'naan you makin this a better place
when rappers rap bout better days
but hear your song and know everythins gonna be okay
you brought the light into the darkness
and helped those who are strugglin
someone wants to make a change stopped my tumblin
Imagin how much you mean to those who are survivors
who lost loved ones in war fires
you took over that inner feelin that told them nothin will work
and stepped in and told'em you can never run outta hope
opened the eyes of the people who care about their dope
but you created this flag..and this flag you show..
cover black hearts, into sweatened oats
pulled them into this new world
washed out the hurt and pain..
your doin somethin with your fame
trynna make just positive ways..
so I make this shout out to you
and others out there I may not have a clue
you all doin good
god bless ur souls
you helpin when everythin falls
you the ones makin this rain gold
you never just made this album and it sold..
it's a special helped my goals
you did more then what we asked for
enternaiment is a master
but the key to sendin word to disasters
life is gettin sadder..
but if you can put a smile on a person face in just a day
I believe you can put a smile on a million others with just wut you say
say K'naan keep wavin that flag..

Written By Esra Chebli