Friday, March 1, 2013

In a spot, a specific spot at room closed in..internally in a box.. Behind dark blankets that cover the only light coming night time worries begin..Bang! a shot..blocked off reality now I'm dreaming alive taking my soul to another place..possibly the skies? but no..I don't dream all pink and I dream at all or bring the possibilities of life back to life..scared but scares me to be me..but this box Shields me..I can let those internal bugs flee freely..possibly open the window and let them go free..I'm just being literal here..I'm afraid, to change..I want to be normal..but stay the I sub divide myself so I can fit in. I treat everyone different..but I know the outcome for all my relationships..I do good with nobody..but I think there is a reason I cage myself in this box..I'm afraid to feed someone who is in thirst..possibly inject them with hurt..kinda like what happened with me..I went a little crazy then she created this box and said sit I just absorb the atmosphere..couldn't condense myself in social media and compare the beauty and read the corruption within each individual..possibly meet someone with interest who couldn't imagine I'm multiple girls within one miracle..

Written By Esra Chebli