Wednesday, February 3, 2010

 bombs crash down
like the sound of thunder but one hundred times loud
hittin on a small town
covered in the pitch black clouds
the smoke
doors pound
from the fist of a soldier
it's man down
torture and violence
to victoms it's timeless
more then a dozen bodies found
to them there will never be silence
no choice but to surrender
homes invaded by soldiers
army bases across the border
things gettin tenser
as they ruin there nests
it's what everyone deserves
spendin millions on war
when they could be findin a cure for disease
kill but what more
oviousley it's not enough
they begin to torture
I don't gotta clue what it's like
I live in Canada a peace keeper
but I can still fight
my home country Lebanon has been through war
don't forget palestine thats still fighten to keep their home
soldiers willin to leave their family and maybe children if they got
goin across the world
to take over a families lot
is this what you were taught?
it's a shame to see what you have brought
come back from blood
"guess what hun I just killed a six year old and left'em in the mud"
thats fucked
what wrong if there was no fighten
they teach us in school that it ain't the right thing
but how come they can and I can't?
it just hurts for them to face the fact

Written By Esra Chebli