Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Exposure

Im here to expose what you did to me like how my reflection exposed the truth livin beneath..and when I tell you promise not to cry because I promise this shit will be takin you on a bumpy ride..Dear ...., you know just pushed me to the side cant get to personal cuz nothin really pushed me to the right, even if she said everythin is gonna be alright say you wanna leave goodbye lullaby whats goin on in my life?..cuz thats what Im thinkin wished you'd die when man you aint even know what death is like you know Im holdin myself down in these restless times..trynna make somethin outta nothin in these breathless rhymes, fuck these reckless fights this aint somethin my weakness delights..So here I am, yet again stuck in my place..not knowin to expect at the end of the day..Im gettin tired but I have to wait man patience is nearly takin up half the space..And if you were to ever apologize after these words promise it met with your ears and allowed it to be heard, because you never understand me thats what I mean its only in these words that pick me up from whats said on this sheet..I'll allow it to be seen cuz to ya'll who dont know what its like steal these words as if you was a theif...Losin the good times while the bad keeps comin waitin to recieve happyness when theres nothin to be lovin, sorry to mention and no offence I aint the typa a bitch to earn it from fuck it..I got time spinnin like time is can stop the bluffin cuz this goes to the bone blooded man whos afraid to be trusted..

Written By Esra Chebli