Saturday, January 29, 2011

The lies that hide behind the truth, search of causes of a bribe I time I cry for the lies that sooth, into my mouth, beneath my teeth crushed and chewed...rushed and moved, transferred through, risking the love that blew in the times that, like why so soon? is it you..or my soul tryin to figure out what's above this roof..second guessing isn't somethin to blame in somethin new, don't say love because love is awfully cruel,before it's's often the feeling that comes missin you, runnin back to somebody who says they believin you, I'm trynna give a reason in order to repair these broken pieces that prove..hidden facts of the lies that's true,in disguise of why and who, a sigh like a resting note in a prelude..time is gone, and a new minute is ahead.. it's to late to go back and redo, say those words left unsaid, save those days we meant to spend I've meant to spend with to you..with nothing but the rest of you..left to dream alone with the future that gloom's..missin a touch..a smile that rushes smooth....(hook), I'm alone again and those reasons doubt with my actions, I fell over you takin onto my passions..but losing never told me it was under my satisfactions..this whole thing was like under estimating fractions...transpirating lashes that fall with gravity..evaporating time crashing into tragedy...movin through my ears and into my mind rapidly..correlating massively, pushing me off a cliff and into a trampoline(the ups and downs in life) trynna catch onto what's around me, settin lines in uncertain boundaries..and it's just how we...left what's behind and kept lonely for ahead proudly..I'm just trynna say what was left in these unspoken words..before I'm lonely again, though strong enough to face this hurt,losing a friend is what makes it worse..double the pain of bein well off as a lonely girl..(hook)

Written By Esra Chebli