Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Words were spoken to keep her close, but our friendship was like a broken bird..lost with no hope, no I don't know where she intends to go, tho missing someone far away is like climbin a rope, and as my palms burn and I'm bein choked, my arms lock I miss her tone..sisters never gave up and to me lies were jokes, but things turned around now time's a road, with our backs against eachother cry knowin I won't, it was like your choice while I was the boat, hard to rock on..I can't stop the post, while she surpassed a video and flawed the snow..In between my lines through everything I wrote, nothin compares to a heart that broke..and it's not just once it's countless strokes, but with the lack of words the attention smoked this friendship with one shot and hit my bones..I thought it could grow but it began to erode and you could easily say our friendship was simply a rose, the meaning was beautiful but death was domed.

Written By Esra Chebli