Sunday, February 21, 2010

it's funny how someone can hurt you so bad..
with just simple words and make you so sad..
it's funny how someone can help you stand..
like I mean on your feet
but also make you weak just by lettin go of your hand
it's funny how we depend on eachother
but yet leave one another..
it's funny how we all change
but we notice it from eachother without realisin were all the same
this world's a funny place
it's kinda like a board game..
runnin in circles..since the worlds a globe
and we think we can throw somethin away
how can we forget the past when it was just yesterday
we lived it..we can't just move on and act like it's a new day
life is an issue...with many problems in it to solve
in the end you never know what the conclusion was to resolve
how do we just keep movin on
like we still wake up to a new day
we think we've givin up, but we seem to naturaly find a new way
we use eachother
for love, for friendship, for style, for recognition, for beauty
it's just so funny
it's common sence, why get mad when you eventually give it another chance
we are creatures that adapt to anything
hot and cold
not just weather
even if we had to walk on feathers
we always gotta way
but you know what else is funny?
how goodbye is a hard word to say
but we still say it..
and we still make it
even if you thought you can't take it
look it's a miracle!
the words are written clearly infront of your face
there you you know we kinda all make mistakes
no ones perfect..just live your life at the fullest.. ;)

Written By Esra Chebl