Friday, January 15, 2010

I am stronger
not physically
but mentaly
after all that was done to me
thats just how life is suppose to be
depending on others to lift me up
learning that they were only putting me down
pushin myself back up
whipin away my frown
walkin through miles of tragidy
walkin away from struggles of reality...
....The End....
"I feel like everything is starting to fall apart"
 is what she says to her boy with a broken heart
the boy has no reply..
she took it way to far
he starts explaining that they need to part..
things aren't working out, he thinks the move is smart..
later does he know shes with another man
it kills him to see them hold hands
he wants her back
but theres not a chance..
he sends letters and messages
theres no hope
travelling on broken passages
why does he feel like it's his loss
when it was his love she tossed
moving forward he trys
but still nothing feels right
he miss the way he use to hold her tight
he now regrets every fight
"I love You"
he whispers to her coming from deep inside
he still thinks about her every night
he still loves her like he did the very first time
days go by
still no reply
he finaly hears news
shes going on the next flight
an unhappy ending
it's time to turn off the lights.
By: Esra Chebli