Monday, February 1, 2010


eleven months down the drain
your love has gotten you two insane
remember when you didn't even know eachothers name
what happened to your love for everything to be delayed
are those the words that both of you needed to say
you don't know what you got til' it's gone
now your both cryin after you realized what you lost
everything thrown away
both of you thinkin the same way
sayin that nothin will ever change
how do you know that it will stay the same
look in his eyes
look in hers
and tell eachother it will never work
say I don't love you no more without taking a pause
because you both know what your letting go
something so precious
I know you know
walked away leaving your teardrops behind
wonderin how you will go on with life
your both begining to regret the fight
it wasn't worth it to say those hurtful words
look how we ended the night
one last time in the arms
broken hearts
you two angels cry

Written By Esra Chebli