Friday, January 22, 2010

the words so strong and loved
your sweet talk the way you lift me up
you use all the above
cuz you know I'm fallen for you boy, and i cant get enough
you help me out when I am stuck
you show me the guiding light over the darkest night,
deep in love
baby I'm so struck
your eyes
your smile
everything about you that makes me tough
my heart is all yours
I never trusted anybody well enough
you stop them as they start to bluff
you help me get through when things get rough
you help my every breath and every puff..
 by: esra chebli
pain pounding against my head
numbness on one part
but then the numb starts to spread
is it to blame on a broken heart?
or a soul nearly dead..?
it hurts..
I'm still trying to continue on with the rest
how can I make it stop 
it's like a pest
it's eating up the inner me
it's so obsessed 
unstoppable pain
maybe from the stress
maybe it's to blame..
or the heart beating against my chest

By: Esra Chebli
One last teardrop
it's sliding down from my eye
One last teardrop
its before the end of my cry
One last teardrop
it's the one that brings out the inside
One last teardrop
it's what makes the rain fall from the sky
One last tear drop
it's worth the accept-ion..
you could never be more you then you are at this moment
One last teardrop
let it fall
let it slip down your cheek slowly..
One last teardrop
  it's the lonely..

By: Esra Chebli