Thursday, March 25, 2010

When things end with no conclusion
I guess this love was just an illusion
I'm sorry for makin things so confusin
I made you feel like I took your heart and used it
but when I actually felt somethin for you boy..
but took your heart and abused it
when I be thinkin of you through the hole night
when we end our convo with no goodnight
it be always me that start the fight
I see where you comin from
I see why you wanna leave my side
I see you like no other guy
when you make me happy
but I feel shy..
you tell me it's hard to speak when lookin in my eyes
I feel the same way
but to you it's just a lie
listen to the words people speak
please don't let them play with your mind
and begin to look at me differently
these phases, these changes towards me
don't relate to I'm sorry..
I'll take them to consideration,
even while the rain pouring
I don't expect you to catch me while I be falling
but I'm prepared for how you wanna end this story
I'm strong enough to get throught it
even if I might be seein ur face every morning

Written By Esra Chebli..