Friday, March 26, 2010

Lightening speed flashes through my veins
a photo of you dashes through my brain
thinking of our love my heart begins to race
as the feelin of butterflies tickle my face
images of me holdin you
the flexes in my arms are turnin blue
I see your eyes sparkle..what can I do?
when you be like an angel at center moon
just before I sleep I'm imaging..
us together laughin endlessley
this photo of you breathtaking
my shinin armer,
my shinin star
hold me close, don't keep me far
cuz you the one
the engin that runs my heart
keep me near with nothin to push us apart
puttin you in a phrase
rhymin lines with no right words to say
when words are outta place
but it fit so perfectly with you it's hard to explain
you my sugar that I need to taste
is it ok if I cut and paste..
a photo of you..
and put it in its place..

Written By Esra Chebli