Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What goes up must come down..
what goes in must come out..
theres an ending to every start
theres a goodbye in every heart
to enter you must exit
within every forever theres a message
for every breath theres a heart beat to send it
for every word theres a thought
lead me to heaven..
but not for every gate there is a lock
for every drop there is a top
not for every sentence there is a dot
to win we have to lose to take the shot
and you don't always make it
for every walk there is a struggle
and you have to accept it learn to face it
move on and battle through it painless
for every picture there is a frame
for every soul there is a name
for every foot there is a ground
for every ear there is a sound
for every you there is myself
for every me you'll have the doubts
for every promise there is a crown
for everything hidden it'll always be found
for every lie the truth will reveal
for every story there is a theme
in each chapter there is another piece
in the end we're set free..
Beyond the clouds and the highest star
I embrace my wings over this world before it's broken apart
I sink myself into this universe like any other one..

Written By Esra Chebli