Sunday, March 21, 2010

(this instrumental by 2pac called "starin throught my rear view mirror" went very
well with the poem I began writing.)

They be screamin, fighten, shouten
there voices get loud an..
we be climbin up this mountain
slam that door shut
as mamma starts to cry
as he tells her to shut up
he don't wanna try
she just wanna leave everythin behind
sleepin in seperate rooms through the night
got children on the side
do they realize there reckin there lives
me myself and I
I'm a child
I dont wanna grow up liven this life
I cover my face
I write along..
rely on my pears to be here while they be gone
through these years
scard memmories
this photo album burned
cuz you know..I got no gallery
my failery
when school be turnin on me
marks droppin low from the stress that fallows me
counclers be askin me questons tellin me they're here
when no one understands
no ones trusting..
as my worlds rusting
these doors shutting
my walls tumbling..
shut the fuck up
stop your arguing..

*when it comes to reality..their is very less smiling,
you'll find stress piling, no matter how
old you are or young, you could be goin through..
a lot of shit..
Nomatter the timing..don't expect to be sittin on
your ass assumin the way life is thinkin it be simple
Without experiencing..
whipe that smile off your face.
you don't know that it's miss placed
cuz when the time comes..
you'll find it completley out of shape..*

Written By Esra Chebli