Thursday, June 3, 2010

makin me feel like Im worthless leavin me to wonder off alone in this circus these bitches are haitin with no purpose and they just want one purchase puttin me down like its workin its what they need so they keep jerkin but heres somethin new for ya'll to know Im hurtless but not heartless like kanye say..I keep my farthest cuz I know Im there number one target they cant take over my world its the largest so I keep my head above the surface..and imma be doin it for one purpose aint for no person for me only thats why Im lonely..I repeat these very same lines from somethin I wrote before..cuz Im remindin ya'll that theres nothin for ya'll to know playin these games competin whos the pro..dear "joe" messages back and fourth cuz you dont know where to go..but I aint ur guide nomore theres an end to everything trust me it'll show keep sippin yo life like u sippin on dope..dont stop like its an addiction, like the bible and the fuckin pope I stay fuckin close and just to myself Im no fuckin joke like each an every single line I ever wrote but aint the lines u sayin through yo mouth like passin notes shit I aint even heard of word that'll make you choke load'em in ur throat pass'em around like a marry-go-boat larry's hoe show step in the game..on the fuckin stage how bad you wanted to kick me off nomatter how much I prayed..and yes Im true..Im no lie I dont talk outta my ass if I want somethin trust me Ill try Ill get it and show ya'll the way to live ur life slit ur loaded throat with a knife lose ur voice chop ur fingers so you wont be able to type and trust me bitches Im to passionate about my dreams who ever fucks with it I ripp there skin like ripped jeans no longer will you be a dick please Ill rip ur insides like Im rippin sheets leave ya with a little speach get ur ears wide open so this time you'll hear I dont give a fuck about you neither ur peers so believe me for you there will never be a tear yous just worthless mawfuckas..My Worthless years..once a best friend soon a second face appeared kept me far from who I wish I kept near had me turnin on the left did I let me but now I see ur just a lil crowd of peeps
so right now its the time to say cheers its like thanks giving dinner but had enough meals how much could I eat..I just kept takin and takin and now its time to stop I aint gonna take this shit no longer Imma clear my thoughts..Fuck you no longer do I care no longer will I be there no longer will I allow you to push me off the stairs cuz Im done climbin this is only fair..

Written By Esra Chebli