Monday, April 19, 2010

your Innocence is what I keep falling into..
while I'm blinded by ur life full of issues..
but ur heart is hard to get to..
I feel like a statue..
doin I'm left to stare at you..
thought maybe a getaway place for two..
but you keep running away from the truth..
you know you don't love me like I do..
so why bother continue..?
you can care less either..
because u know neither..
will last I don't believe her..
that little voice inside of me thats telling me to never leave you
Im tryin to convince myself..
but you keep burnin my heart and turning it into ashes bit by bit
and causing it to melt..
didn't care for the way I felt..
so why should I care when I tried to break you away from ur cell.
never opened up..
there was somethin you held..
so I'm about to give up..
can't handle bein led..
causin my emotions to shred..
is it about time I left..?
I'm still askin that even though I know I'm in a mess..
I just wanna..wanna be alone..and getaway from the stress
cuz you know it's hard even bein at home..
I need this pain to go atleast one percent less
I cried for you..infront of your two eyes and you haven't changed yet...
after her to get...
why me..?
because you knew I was weak and tangled up in a net..
my confidence was kinda you knew I would fall you got everything set
look at me now..
well it's even hard to reach a simple goal..
I can't take it at all..
it's kinda pushin me away from what I love doin most..
I shrunk..when I use to stand tall..
threw me off a cliff...never caught me and left me to fall..
I can't believe all this you did..
I don't even know who I am nomore..
I feel like I wanna go back to being a kid..
and take away everything in my life that caused me to spin..
make myself understand...and stand up for what I deserve..
but never chose to live that way..
so that's why I'm here today
learned on my own..
so fell inlove with pain..
came out..nearly insane..

Written By Esra Chebli