Monday, February 22, 2010

This is a Poem Written By my sister abby...

"I'm so confused,
don't know what to do,
should I give "us" another chance...
I don't even know if I want you,
It seems like I need you,
I pretend I'm fine, but everywhere I go
I see you, an illusion of you,
I ask myself why, but I still don't know
everything...just everything reminds me of you,
it's like there are signs leading me to you,
tellin me that your thinkin of me too,
but the thought of you wont leave me alone...
sometimes I feel like I gotta heart of store,
because I try to erase the feelings inside of me,
but it's the truth that I'm destined to be,
so I fly away, so my heart could set free,
now tell me, what would you do if you were me?
I know for the both of us, it's not easy,
so the forces of repellment are pullin me away...
but for real, it's with you I wanna stay...
you dont even know this, I care for you, but I don't think you notice,
you probly think I'm mean, to blunt & honest,
but you don't know half of what goes on in my chest,
I just need a rest, I don't want to play the role of the reject,
I'm just goin on with life, not knowin what to expect...
but I'm stuck in this situtation clueless of what to do next...
with everythin that's goin on, I'm trynna stay strong,
I miss you, & the way we use to get along,
I would send this to you, to put it in a song...
But I'm afraid you might skim through it,
cause the format is to long."

Written By Abbz Chebli

Hamdualla is all I'm left to say..
when you turn to religon and give it word and pray..
a true believer in god..what is there to be ashamed?
everyone got there own thoughts and feelings..
but Hamdualla; it's the way I was raised
Hamdualla..thanks to what it means
yeah...thanks to allah
is what I say when I acheieve
when I fail it pulls me closer and makes me stronger to believe
we don't like to admit our sins..
but we'll eventually face them at a certain point
we can only keep them in to a certain extent//
just like smokin a joint..
you can't keep the smoke in your system for to long
it builds pressure and forces you to caugh it out..
Christains, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhism, Judaism,
Spiritism, Sikhism. Baha'i Faith, Jainism ect..
it don't matter..we all believen different things
but I share for what I believen..
what I turn to..
my religon I admire
and stick my head up high to..
when I'm proud to say I'm muslim
when it be hard to say in America..
there be every muslim is a tourist
when a white man could be carryin a bomb and could be holdin a marit
just trynna speak as a citizens right to..I believe it's wrong
and believe they should put a stop to..
I ain't sayin we inoscent..
just sayin the truth of what we livin in..
the way we handle things..
I'm proud to let you all know I'm a muslim
what will be your expression..
you just can't stop lookin..

Written Bye Esra Chebli
I wish I knew sooner..
because you know it's always better sooner then later..
never knew life was such a hater..
to find out that it only gave me anger..
eatin up everythin and leavin nothin but bones and flesh as the remainder

Written By Esra Chebli