Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Focusing on just you I can write a script
thinking of you almost everyday I'm on a trip
as I open my eyes hopin that star can grant my one and only wish
put a stop to these tears my heart is at a risk
the transfusion of love passes along leaving me sick
your the disease, and I gotta put up with all this shit
you have me weak in the strength I was so rich
you shattered me into pieces now I'm so hard to fix
with magical themes of us and the perfect prince
I don't want you, put a stop to that kiss before my eyes begin to drip
with access to my heart my weakest point is this
taking advantage of that I'm now so ripped
when I thought you picked me up but pushed me before I tripped
when I seen it coming surprises you seem to give
crushing my dreams of us, blowing a candle I thought was lit
with you on the other side of the wall we built between us
you left me with a print
a wall so weak broken down with my fist
now I see who you really are and I can't figure out who it is
everything you told me it's all flipped
moving forward with us was the mistake now I'm hit
with regret on my back and a heart chipped
breathless you left me to be, staring at the illusion in your lips
trynna find love but you always seem to get picked
trynna forget you, but forgetting is on a bit
with a memory of words thinking of it when I sit
questions if you love me and if you ever will
the passion in my writing I'm hurt through the words I spit
being tossed around it's like I'm down before I get kicked..

Written By Esra Chebli