Friday, March 30, 2012

I settled for something lesser then I am, something that sat under my feet as I stared at the highest, let the sky sit over me because I belonged in no place, I was a follower, and sat alone at my base.I wondered why I was so different, grew up to a chase, ran out of breath sooner before I could eat off a plate, yes..the words split to no sense..I never faked a beating because life gave me the dents, I developed the habit of staring at my face, telling me I wasn't beautiful or good enough to date..because I observed something so out of range, yet here I am in the future emotionally in pain, I followed a path I never recognized, the suppression and sadness soon grew before my eyes, now choices came from rolling a dice, calling to my life take me out of this sight. You'd think in this mind state it's alright, but your blind from the wrong and your used to the fight. The difficult experiences of growing up because that's not easy..having to deal with school, financially getting greedy, now that I'm older I see why my parents said save your money, focus on school, take your time..follow the rules, but I couldn't regret, even if the strongest people are the ones who passed their grades while dealing with everything else, however there was always the richer ones who got everything simply, but those are the weakest so no reason to envy. I only wish I was patient..but patience is a skill that takes a lot of maintenance..I wish I picked my friends wisely..but after all, I developed all these rhyme schemes..I wish I was richer but that didn't change my level of hygiene, I learned a method of staying clean outside and in so it stopped me from lying..One thing I wish, I wish I could go back to all those people who hurt me and say; I was down..but down to earth, but found to be an irregular girl, though I'm just mature and sit in between the clouds and the felt I considered you to be the sky that showered over people and burnt people to their nerves that made them sweat, made the dirt dry, made the dirt wet..but it taught us we get dirty from the "best" and that is to you of coarse. Now I know to never treat me worse then others, we're equally alike, I just learnt that the hard way..through countless..sleepless nights.

-Esra Chebli