Tuesday, February 23, 2010

empty medows, walkin ladies with stilettos, sharin a life in the ghetto, lookin through a barely visible window, walkin in the shadows of the hurt and loss of power, crumbs of devour, through rain showers, the bloom of a flower, a lemons sour, lookin..pickin up for a coupl'a fights, jookin be walkin throught the nights, empty streets, corners here and their..with a couple of gangsters waitin for you to pull a hair. bars, smokin, car alarms are off cops be runnin shootin one or two shots brakin flower pots as they run through yards of lots, criminal charge..be held against..alteast liveable, but hard to taste...

Written By Esra Chebli
six and a-half months
shit and love I got none
when I said leave I don't want
but you didn't listen to a point I became numb
when you said you miss me in your arms
I look back and it's just so fucked
what you took when my heart was just suppose to be touched
and now you sit back and bluff
you don't opprecitate what you got..
that's why I've moved on
but why you act like it's so hard to accept
boy you commited theft
and stole my heart and ended it in a wreck
I'm a doll made outta cotton weeves
the feelings of nothin
my eyes just blank lidlessly
when your suppose to be here
understanding me
your there..
talkin like you don't care
makin a fool outta yourself
when you gotta girl for once
your lucky...lucky I was with you
but now I hope you realized how much I don't need you..

Written By Esra Chebli
Just stop..I'm gettin sick.. I can't handle seein your face.
I can't handle hearin your voice..
when all I got outta this is hurt
I don't even wanna think..
pointless stress..
one last thing I ask from you..
please stop
I need a rest
stop your bluffin
because it's hurtin the heart that's beatin against my chest
all I ask for is to move your own way
please I'm begging you
soon my life is going to be thrown away
it's enough
it's time to unlock me out these cuffs
just stop...
it's the only thing I ask from you..

Written By Esra Chebli