Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the world around me sees...
I guess Im blinded...lost between..
Im falling into the emptyness between the lines
Im suficating with no heat,
its amazing how much you do to me
the pain and misery
when Im inlove
but you just play literaly
Im holding back on this mystery..
this secret you hide..
having me live colorlessly
slowely your ripping me inside
but it looks as if I rather not last lovelessly
without you it seems to be so troublng
what we have is not true love
I can give all that I can give
but you can only take so much
if you loved me
you would feel for me at this moment
as Im typing these words
but you dont
im sure ur sleeping at 2:36am
or are you?
I dont even know
I lost so much trust in you
whats there to say
Im just depressed luying awake
tryin to figure out this puzzle with the peices all over the place
why dont i just go to sleep and quit wasting my time
maybe im just afraid to lose someone whos on my mind all the time
the person I love
and I know it wouldnt just take months..
but years to get over..

Written By Esra Chebli