Friday, January 21, 2011

I Dedicate this to you
hold on to me don't let me go, wait a coupl'a hours..a coupl'a days, years the most..I'm lost into you trying to find my way out, I saunter around your against your chest so a heart beat won't..beat another time take me as a ghost, gone so long ago..first with another post, the meaning behind this ain't destined for hope..I stress this the most, I set into your throat as your words speak of me..tryin to give you a choke, lockin secrets in poems, down on heavy smoke, fog my sight and block those open roads..wait until I you crushed me now I'm a dead rose, I took you as a friend the most, but what's a friend to do..just don't, stop in a position a mistake changes so..I don't lose you because now I'm rockin on a enemies boat...the meaning behind this goes to those..blank,give my eyes a close..I don't know who you are used to save those words for me and put your own breath on hold..lie..the stories you told I began to approach throw me down the earths cores..beat me down in the weakest wars, if I said how much it is you mean to me I'm just trynna cope..your words of mystery..let me I'm history,I'm just a show..(words literally),and don't come bond your feelings to me if I fear to see..down the road when my eyes tear in need..and your not there to greed..greed all my tears and talk to me..I hate to dream..thanks for not putting me to sleep..all I think of is you..fourteen, fifteen..twenty-five actually..they just keep by one it's practically..sayin love just disappears magically..for eternity, what's can't set a date for love to officially begin .remember theres an end to everything..I can say, if I was really hurting about you I'll find every way just so I can talk to you..make you stay..if it takes walkin with you..are you worth to prey of? I look up in shame..because later on your always pushing me away..The good people deserve the worst..because they need to learn that people have more then just a face..that's just the world..and it can be to late..because nobody is there to save you from the the illusion of pickin you up..they push you farther into the dirt..deny..reject..with no reply..neither respect..lies..neglect...that's just the way it is..I guess we just gotta learn to accept..the world of it's kind..that's what's best, don't keep lookin behind because you never know what comes crashin ahead..
Written By Esra Chebli