Thursday, April 22, 2010


Written By Esra Chebli
what an awful day..right now imma write anything and make
no sense to what I say,because nomatter how much I pray
everyday is the same..
I hate it..hate every minute Im awake..
I rather luy still and sleep
runaway from the pain
have a couple of dreams
maybe they'll go away someday
theres so much of the same game
I can close my eyes
I got the hole fucking thing memorized
what a shame..
screw everything
screw it all
already fucked over
I dont wanna continue with anything
and everything in my life
I dont give a shit
I just wanna hide
it dont seem Imma be goin anywhere
I've been patient but Im sittin in the same place
desperatley waitin
someone must be mistaken
is it just me
but Im wide awake and..
is this a nightmare
I dont even wanna think of this..
so Imma go sleep
thinkin bout noone
Im cut so deep
I dont care
it's useless to smile
I cant even explain how I feel
it's sad how I got just these words I spit on the screen
to just me myself and I
it's sickening
lost so many people
and all were the ones I really loved
we ain't togather
our hands aint physically joined
but man our hands will always be cuffed
found out a couple of people ain't bein true to me
prooved their true colors and simply fooled me
others took me the wrong way
listenin to the words but blinded like they cant see
blamin the shit they be doin wrong and make me feel like its me whos guilty
askin me if Im mad
nah...Im actually fucked
everyone screwed me over
I aint afraid to admit Im a jelouse
I kinda learned it the hard way..
like they say
keep ur enemies close and ur friends far..
all ya'll played me like a guitar..