Sunday, October 31, 2010

slowly trynna find her way back it was the past man I thought she forgot about all that, I mean she said she was way back on track and now her first is her last that's all full of crap, with the "e" and the dash and mama sayin it's all wack, motivation is slim willin to throw it all in the trash trynna get her mind set straight try'n goes on once again but ain't as bad, she got it all set sittin right there on her lap, just playin nothins really that simple like recordin audio on a mac..she got time but time is flyin by way to fast wastin it in front of the mirror with her mascara brushin each much goin on in her mind..she fell way behind but they try'n catch up fast forward to rewind..that's what she had, shes tellin mama can't you understand while shes gettin all mad..stickin words across a sheet trynna puzzle the facts, findin another way playin melody's in guitar class maybe she feels like life is a pass when school is just half she got dreams bigger then the band but it ain't about the money it ain't about the cash, neither the fame never cared for the fans..
her unspoken words unleash in a rap..who's readin'em she treats'em like ash, throwin gold away not knowin how to react, while they sayin theres nothin shes really good is in college the other engaged man that's so involved with a man it was like a printer in a jam loadin more shit on her back as if she was the dodge ram about to get serious about to remove the cast but her hearts bleedin again what's there to contrast, trynna have a blast and forget about the rash cupid misses her but they just aimin to the ass who's there to trust do the math because she ain't wastin her time and there all glad..
life just goes on and on..
losin time as time keeps runnin along
this is life
ups and downs
rises and falls
losin more and more
and gaining one small thing to make up for it all..
this is life and you just gotta learn to appreciate it

Written By Esra Chebli