Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm suppressed in a can of Explosives
you finally threw me and had me flaming Corrosives
polluting the air leaving everybody Chokin
runnin away knowin there was an Explosion
leavin my heart impulsive blowing me up into Oceans
I could never stop crying you now left me Frozen
your cold world is now shattered into Erosion
just because you couldn't take the Devotion
I'll remember you and forget what you were Involved in
I'll never live up to you and all this Commotion.

Written By Esra Chebli
UnForgettable Earth
These Fields, these gardens of flowers an trees, these streets for he See's, He yields, to a sign for he speaks, through natures actions as we bleed, Suffer the consequence, this grass, this air, this oxygen will prepare, nothin will come in to kill you only release out of your skin and hair Be aware, He is angry, He is hurt, His clouds are trying to hide what's in His Earth, for he promises you will burn, these flames, this sun, we left a memory for this lonely god and turned our backs on his "son", a Christian. Jesus I follow a different one, make sense and purify before sayin your done, we prey and look down I look up to you as my only one, we created monsters out of ourselves climbing on his mountains trynna defeat him, while he throws rocks on our bones we will never see him, and his tree's only make it harder and the path slower so we're cuttin them down we're makin paper hopin he'd hear us out, I hide under a roof hopin you'd find me cuffed, let me blend with the crowd there's so many of us, let me send messages for a messenger should be loved, but it's the entertainment it's the lust God forgive a must, I need the pleasure, I need to adjust, because God I'm angry, God I'm hurt, God I'm saving, every breath I've got and see what you'd catch me saying because I'm hurt I normally burn, I can hide my transparency, my Parents see, I don't even have to show you, I believe, I achieve according to your faith  it's my democracy it's my way of sayin Fuck Scientology..These Fields, These gardens of flowers and trees, These streets for he See's, but it's me, it's the strength you've given me, I won't hide from you unless you have lightening because god taught me People cannot strike me..

Written By Esra Chebli