Thursday, November 11, 2010


To conflate my emotions to an unknown shadow
brood to daylight in a senseless pattern
wondering off into nowhere droppin my head down
like an elision of words mixed in such a scatter..
almost there just at the step of imbrication
my eyes begin to shatter..
trynna lilt my dreams towards the stars
but try climbin a broken latter..
its kinda I just rather..
dessemble these dreams even faster,
because the world turns in such a desultory motion
it's so hard to capture..
and from now to here on after..
will I ever say those few words that I never mastered,
this epiphany is to sudden for all this time to gather..
an evenascent light, traveling at the speed of sound trynna catch her..
gone at the blink of an eye
a heart so fractured
ethereal..I can feel you kickin the walls of my heart
purified of felicity,
beautiful eyes..
eyes missing me..
whom shawn like purls..
kept him to the infinity..
furtive around the clock..
the clock of eternity,
love me love me not
I'm bleeding internally
ineffable to another soul..
and she who is incipient stands tall..
a mellifluous melody a man calls,
dead asleep her hair strands fall..
an illusion of beauty their two hands hold..
let go so easily..this story was to never be told
hidden beneath the clouds
above the sky the movie rolls
starin at her nemesis of life
time just goes..

Written By Esra Chebli