Friday, January 29, 2010


I rock myself to sleep
rocka my baby.
but no song for me
layin in my bed my eyes tear
as I flash through my dreams
movin along in a nightmare
rock an rock an rock
back an forth
the sound of tick tock
go to sleep
I have a little lullabye for you to hear
you ain't no baby in my eyes
so rock yourself to sleep with no kiss goodnight
half awake half the night
half the time all it be is
cry an cry an cry
noone could see I turned off the lights
be sure you have a tissue right next to you
because I won't be here by your side givin it a whipe
cryin solo
on a lonely street
no..I'm in my room to go to sleep
cry an cry
no need to whipe your tears
keep cryin theres no need to fear
it's gettin late
I'm still wide awake
were is my song?
it's to dark I'm afraid
I rock myself like a baby in a creb
when mamma use to sing
go to sleep my little baby and give a kiss in the end
but were you at now?
on your bed cryin yourself to sleep
I know how it be mamma
I can hear you scream
I know you be wide awake all night
and blame it on the sound of the t.v
you rocked me til' I fell asleep
now Imma rock you til' your last tear
no need to be sad mamma I'm here
don't fear Imma sing you a lallabye til your last tear
I'll sing to you and end it with a kiss goodnight
mamma Imma be the tissue for your runny eyes
I'm the kid who you raised
I grew up and now I'm here to sing
"mamma don't you cry, mamma I'm right here,
mamma dont you try, mamma Imma stay to whipe your last tear
I'll sing you a lullabye like you sang for me
Imma end it with a kiss goodnight for your sweet dreams
mamma don't you cry I'm still here
just shhhh and go to sleep
I'll rub your back and tuck you in your sheets
so mamma please don't barry yourself with your tears"
Imma hug you tight and play with you
just like you did to me
imma sing to you
mamma I'm still here
theres no need to tear
it's the only thing I never want to see
it's time to get some sleep
rock an rock an rock
I rock myself to sleep
it's your turn
who will be here to whipe your tears?
tick tock
back an forth
who will rock you to sleep?

Written By Esra Chebli