Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They Don't Know

yo...Im sittin at these steps lookin at my life that turned upside down..and they dont even know..Im feelin these regrets..wishin I never let no opportunity go..Im lookin at our shared yard..facin the two joined feilds..
fucked up..they dont even know..I was once that quiet little girl they taught back in elementry..soon to come my secrutary is readin my rapps man she never seen me for nearly a century..I come to visit junior school, disapointment use to be my enemy..but now written across my face like Im facin a felony..I cant face myself..
and I thought it brought me to a remedy..Im afraid..its so weird..Nobody knows..I walk into a door..and they think Im ok..maybe it's cuz I got a smile on my face but they dont know whats goin on with me today..
they aint diggin in my soul findin pain...they see the love..but there aint no they just take and take..
while I got nothin to serve..Im lookin at this girl...through the mirror she stares right at me..where both in two different worlds..but its like she trapped me..I'll never be perfect..not exactly..and I guess we get through rough times and downs..this shit keeps happenin to me..yet to be happy this worlds scary..nah I aint talkin bout the blood of marry..or the fuckin fantacy of a tooth fairy..Im talkin bout on cracked ice..hidin around like fuckin mice..everythings a game we depend on a dice..and flip eachother around..and we only got two options..heads and we flippin a we worry about the rims on are rides..we aint facin the truth..livin in all lies..not trynna look for a subject that'll gimme easy rhymes..I spit my words between the lines..I aint lookin for someone to talk to..neither am I lookin for a hand to walk through..I find the path on my own..because its noone in this world I can trust..carryin shit on my back aint worth to hold..whats the point of addin that extra load..I've been thrown in the dust..I became weak..thin as through it, changed but took a while for me to adjust..and I just..just live with it..get over the facts..and face the truth..cuz when it comes down to the end it depends on the decisions I choose..

Written By Esra Chebli