Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday
I Love You...

April 20, today is mamma's Birthday..
I wrote something..but had a hard time..
the worst things to write about
is about the person you love
who is so special to you
who has an impact on you in everyway
no words can really explain..
because words say nothing but flow with the wind
I can say I love you..
but to write it.
where to begin..?
I have to scan my heart bit by bit
cuz really you a person I can't not be with
you held me in ur tummy for 9 months straight
I was born as a 6 pound baby
but you gave birth to 6
the pain you went through makes pregnency a little creepy
helped me walk
helped me talk
always had my back
told me to appreciate what I got
gave me advice
bathed me all night
stayed up as I cried
put up with it til the morning shine
you are everything to me mamma
I love you
wait I forgot..
happy Birthday is what I wanted to tell you
I hope you live til infinity!!!
 Esra Chebli