Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Don't Really Know..

I didn't want to expose the truth to myself
I didn't want you to show me enough that I'll have a doubt
I loved you..blinded..never knew what I was hurting about
so..we've created these clouds..
now your tryin to make me feel bad that I walked out
you confused me enough
ur begining to make me think I've made a mistake blinding me again
if you love someone else
but things never worked out
why did you use me to try and get over her?
how come I feel like this is what I deserved
I loved you..but I was never your girl
but you were always my man
I tried my best
gave all my strength to keep holding onto ur hands
but you turned away from me
let go
killing me
my heart not just broken..but shattered
Im depressed...
but you can careless
cuz you believe you did nothing to hurt me this bad
but I can now only see...
that you just neglected me
I was only manipulated..
I just made it clear that I was going to go
but it was you who already set me free 

Written By Esra Chebli


Im just like an instrument..
others play me..
I let out the tune when I cry
so I cry beautifuly.
Im just like an ant.
Im blind so I cant tell when someone is about to step on me
so once they do..
they leave me to luy there lifelessly
Im just like a wall
I stand there with a speach of no words
they break me down..and throw me away
like I did nothing but the worst
Im just like the clouds
I gather my pain
once they're all gathered I cry leaving them to drop like the rain
I am just a girl...
a girl that wants an ordinary day
that when something goes well..nothing will change
I am just a girl..
I dont want to be a pencil so I can be easily erased.. a cheesy mistake
I dont want to be that stick that can easily be breaked..
or that heart..that can be taken away
I want to be happy
like I remember I once was..
I want to cry from laughter
not just because...
I want to have an ordinary day..
atleast better then usuall
I want it to always be the same...
I dont want to blank..then next thing I know Im at my funeral..

Written By Esra Chebli