Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My rib cage is cracked all my demons escaped
Can you feel these walls closing in, can you hear them talking, the ground under me tells me to keep on walking, but the sky tells me be carefull don't look down as the ground is stomping, I'm stuck between myself and what I should do, I'm stuck between the clouds, the sun and the moon, I can't control this as my feet let go of my shoes I can't hold this my screams burst into fumes, my rib cage is cracked all my demons escaped, my arms wrapped in a cast, my broken wings, diattached, my feet ready to break, as they fall through a trap, my sheet ready to intake another emotion of trash, I'm stuck between liability and respect, me against I the entire city of stress, the world on my shoulder and my heart in wreck

I'm going to viciously attack myself..
Through Human nature, The Mind
I can see so many of me
that's when my eyes begin to lie
these rocks callapse over my head
in thunders Surprise..
I'm at the verge of insanity
Do I feel alright?

Written By Esra Chebli