Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm finding hard to accept your changing
Because your beginning to Disconnect
or fading..
from the friendship we were both Placing,
so I made the choice to stick to my base and stay where I'm staying
because walking any further with you would just have me waiting,
and just hurt me when I know that's not what your intentions are stating.
I rather stick to myself..I'm sick of having this Switch turn on and off
It's driving me crazy.

Esra Chebli
trynna find someone to love to prevent myself from loving me
avoiding true happiness because I can't believe
this heart beating within me
I just wanna love somebody..anybody but me
I can't accept the apology from the sadness I did to me
opposites attract, that's why my head collided with my feet
and I brought weakness over my head like my vision never seen
so I'm blinded from my own's the smoke coming from beneath
all the fog..and flames ready to burst free
telling me why won't you just love me
I'm craving the attention it falls so deep
to satisfy myself from the inner rush set at maximum speed
so I let it rain to wash those flames..there goes my tears
walking up along there flys my fears it holds my hear
I can't hear what anyone says I'm the only voice that could speak

I wanna love somebody..anybody, as long as it's not me
because if me and I were meant to be it would of came naturally
either way I'm afraid to take that risk because I'm capable of anything
and that means breaking myself again because I was once happy
but I started to dream..I started packing
leaving the other half of me laughing
almost sure I found love else where

For real it's me who can't stop asking;
how I'm doing or where I've been
it's me whose always here sayin hold on I got you
settle down please
but I continue hurting her..cursing at her,
sayin nobody understands I wanna leave
while she puts me to sleep and says

I will never give up myself because me takes meaning to survive
I will wait for you to grow into me and I will never grow out of you
I'll keep vision in your eyes
my patience can hold my affairs with others and that's what love is
so why hurt me? when I'm the only person whose been here this whole time

Written By Esra Chebli