Sunday, December 12, 2010

I don't want to write about you,
but I can't hold it in..
I'm filled with excitement and anger..
all I want is to be with him,
I disguise this secret so well but my blood is rushin thin
I think he can hear my heart beat pound as his voice lingers across my skin
and you wonder what my smile's about my heart's about to spill
all I'm askin is for you is to fill it in,these incomplete spaces hold my chin
just as I say hello I stare wonderin if I could ever be his
because he's not just a boy, to me he's a prince
but I know I'm no princess..though I wish
because I know he'll notice me in beauty's way, not just when I trip
and instead of saying "I love you" give that sentence a flip
call me up and tell me you'll never let go, blow me away like the wind
instead I'm dreamin fallin like off a cliff
and my mind is tellin me this is all a trick
and my heart is tellin me I'm broken give me a fix
it's him you could never be with
it's me you could never see it in
I'm sorry but it's something you gotta cope with
I'm so sick..I'm so sick
I need a lift..I want you to give me that lift
from those arms to those lips
til' that last day he ever gave me a kiss
this moment..where this sentence begins
I've fallin..though hooked on like a pin,
I love I am saying it
I'm on a twist..
please answer this..

will I ever get over you? that's my question now
well I have to find a way some how..
I tried heart continues to pound
only because of you..and it's only getting loud
I'm hiding beneath these clouds
my angel I'm callin out for you please come down
stop hiding come on out
the past comes rushin back..can you hear the sound
foot steps echo the sound that surrounds
hard to let go..don't want to hurt myself as I drop to the ground
I could just wait and sit around
pay for the pain it's self
fade with a single beats sound
erase an empty page with doubts
lose a thought while being proud
keep lookin up when my head should fall down
wish upon a star that's even hiding behind a cloud
allow everything to be stopped
self control was supposed to be found
I could hold onto time
but time never came sittin against a couch
my mind is rushin I'm runnin out
words can't explain
and I can't tell what the actions about
trust in myself is just not allowed
I assume the exact opposite
from what's behind the shadows that surround...
I choose to stick with you..

"How can I start off this letter..I know this wont make things any better but everything reminds me of you..
why can't we be together...this weather is pretty lonely ironic hey? never knew forever was never, walked half a mile..already gone that's pretty clever while my mind roles the memories..However, I don't enjoy that play back because I miss you.. and it's time you come and get her because things are gettin a little tenser my heart is cut in half right through the center and I can't help but control this temper its to hard I think it's about time I surrender.."

what do you think of this?..I was writing to you
I never finished
because all this confusion began to intrude..

"I try to look for some one to blame..try to turn my words around showin my second face,trapped in the darkness trynna find a way, I can't see where I'm goin I'm blinded from such a drastic change..and I flip pages back,hopin to find my way out this trap,but nothin can replace this pain..I try to let it go but it just ain't the same, trynna fight with my every strength, but my weakness beats me down with the worlds weight..with just one last try before it's to late,didn't they say it was never to late..that was before time was added in the race, now I can't catch my breath I feel insane..trynna walk away..hold onto you..regain my faith, as I keep wanting you.."

-Written By Esra Chebli