Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They take their baggage, talk their shit so annomously, it's so outragious..pathetic
so hectic, I don't play this, fuck you got somethin to say, come say it faggot
you're worthless, hide your face so you don't show it, let me hear you spit a couple a' lines if you're so couragious, call me a whore? but what did you're mama do before she got pregnant.. Bastard
I'm waitin' on ya, and I don't need your ass to rate this, you don't fit between the spaces as I lay these lines,
you got too many faces, watch before the heat arises 'cuz later you're gonna be mistakin',
bitch you're obviously hated, and to me haters never faded, the shit you be doin is outdated, as my 5 star ratings escaladed, your outspoken words aint designated, the shit you be writin when you critisize seems like you hullicanted, marked as a hater, aint no way you're escapin', but I care less, my soul is too empy, it was far back when me and my inner self separated, but now my faith is regenerated, and any shit you throw at me, I'm strong enough to take it, got somethin to say? Ha! you aint never gonna be able to face it, I aint suprised by the bullshit you created, it's so over rated, I think you're way immature to be comin' up with these creations, like these relations, they aint ships I use for my transportation, HA! this is my dedication to haters who seem to hate with no explanation, sorry I don't understand you're language or the games you be playin', speak amongst yourselves and don't put yourselves in humiluating situations where the shit you be doin has to be done with your own persuasion, I'm in my own zone, no need for your invasion, ayo and if you got the balls then tag this

"To all the haterz that be hatin"

Written By: Esra Chebli