Monday, August 9, 2010


I'm walking away taking smaller steps bit by bit, day by day..
 it was 1,2,3,4,5,6
seven... it's been a tough year, month,week, day, hour, minute, second
so I wait, maybe time will serve something pleasant,
 music rollin' through my ears, weezy say he's playin basketball with the moon and got the world at his feet, but I'm lyin' here keepin' darkness under my bed sheet... I feel like dying... but the drugs don't fool me, marijuana is just smoke, there's more smoke in the air I breathe, it's lock down on my priorities, I get high to the limit of minorities, drop.. I fall so easily, I'm the leaf in fall, the snow in winter, the rain the clouds are pouring me,
You watch me go... I leave a goodbye and a sorry, nowadays it's hard seeing the sun, it's hiding from me, behind the shield of clouds, there you are, and I'm beneath, 1,2,3 there are now thirteen,
A blanket of black, the moon hides behind a tree, I shut down I'm now blind, sinking into my dreams, open my eyelids the doors that will soon seal, roads that lead no where so I stay asleep, dream off ,dream on, the devil starts to creep, I can't shut my eyes, I begin remembering, my eyes start to leak, there's blood coming from my teeth, my brain continues a speech, dashin' through memories, thirteen in just one year lost too many... what's up.. how you been? miscommunication has me settling.
I reach towards a shooting star, I almost caught it..wish I almost missed it, skimmin' through stories with just a begginin', I'm swimmin in a pool with just my spirit, 34 lines I fit my lyrics, times infinity .. I'm never finished.. I run the streets of blood where my bones are crushed, where my feet are numb and my heart is touched, down so deep I'm drillin dust.. on my knees .. I'm givin' up, what's the solution for feelin stuck? I divide my thoughts, transmission starts to rust, multiple answers like a cancer cells rush, instrumentical heart beat now goin nuts.. pour champagne  into your system, I pour my thoughts out for you to listen, here we go I begin my wishes, but my wishes will never reach, to reach is my mission...

Written By Esra Chebli