Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hard to speak words of truth...
these words speak clearly of you..
I know you wonder..
how I wonder..
if he ever knew..
when he reads..
he knows..
what I'm talkin bout
the words that were hard to spit outta my mouth..
with a simple question..
led me to miss-direction
teach me a lesson..
to whom I deserve
who do you prefer?
us is what were ment to be together
it is possible to start a hole new chapter..
but is it what I want..
yes..but I'm not the perfect one..
hear me clearly through this font..
what we had..
was love
what we were..
we will never give up
I know I'll never be able to heel this scar
and I know I'm stucker then stuck
we held hands..and we're still cuffed
so don't worry..I'm still lovin you to much...
ok look...
this beat pounds...
I know now..
how much you were worth..
I see how..
how things don't always work
I ain't proud..
I threw it out..
and now I'm feelin down
thought I'll never see clouds..
but here I am as they cry above me..
and I can't stop the sound
so da da da da..
tick tick tick
as I wait...
waitin for nothin..
maybe somethin,
somethin..will happen
It's now fall
leaves are now flyin in the wind
I've waited years..
where to begin..?
snow flakes are big..
I'm still rubbin my chin..
I don't think I'll ever win..
win you back..and be the champion..
da da da da da
tick tick tick
I hear the words...
I'm sorry for bein such a bitch...

Written By Esra Chebli