Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I waited for you
trusted you
loved you..
held you
brought happyness when I was with you
missed you
cared for you
forgave you
never played you
risked everything for you..
but now I'm lyin here
whipin my sleeve across my cheak
when you told me to never cry
it's the only thing you never want to see
my heart bleeds
with worster pain then you acted like it was for you to see a tear
I gave up everything
followed and fell for the things you would say to me
and now sleepless nights
trynna help myself out
turnin to my good side
I say to myself I can beat this fight
losin you is hard
but thats just life
when I don't want to accept you outta my life
my emotions depend on you
but that can't be right
everythings bright when everything seems to be fine
but after the strike..
it's hard to see when you turned off the lights
you don't love me the way I do
yeah...thats how I feel when I'm with you
when you got these other chicks on the side
what I see
how I feel
forget all the shit I hear about you
when you tell me I'm wrong..
it's kinda hard to believe
when I thought I felt love bein rapped in your arms
maybe I am wrong..
wrong about you bein faithful and makin me strong..

Love you..

Written By Esra Chebli