Wednesday, September 22, 2010

...Where'd You Go...

so I heard..yet again from another,
I'll let it be..though never be the sucker..
even I know it kills like a fucker..
so here I stand..yet in the middle of thunder,
clueless..what to do, man right under
shits so small,why you leavin me to wonder..
keep comin an goin like the winter and summer,
fuck the bitch it started from a lover
and if there were ever a finish..
like there know its a bummer..
I'm flowin cool with the vibe..
not lookin for another,
but if missin just a smile intrudes..
I'm never gonna trust her...I mean..
me..I can't get any dumber,
where'd you go?
where have you been..
there somethin I need you to know..
theres somethin I need you to see..
here it heart is layin right infront of me..
just a peice..though I know the other half is with you..
can't you see..fuck it go on and keep the move..
I'll be thinkin..thinkin of maybe you..
And if the sun comes up
And my eyes is still wide open
I'm still dreamin
And I'm still forzen
Promise to stay right here..
and you better know it..

Written By Esra Chebli