Sunday, April 22, 2012

I wish I could call you

wanting to show everyone I'm crazy
the difficulties that phase me
we both know
it takes the sun for the world to be shady
lets call her..

sunny is a young beautiful girl
who was once
maybe is..still in my world
but I don't acknowledge her

you see..sunny, and people like her
used to be my friends
used to be the people I turn to..
when I felt like turning to an end
but it all turned out to be
people just care less
so who were these friends..

see, friends don't do much for me
I lasted a while without them
but I couldn't take being lonely
so I gave it a chance..
and sucked up for a bit

but there was something strangely different about sunny..
sunny..was always sunny
she'd brighten up your day
tell you everything was okay..
she created shadows,
she made shade exist..
and what I mean is
she gave to much sun
you'd want to hide from her in the shade
and when the night came
she was never their..
but sunny was always in a better place

sunny lived in a could call her sky
it rained sometimes..
but she was right behind shining in another place
sunny blinded the people bellow her
but is she happy?

you see, I tried to help sunny understand
that..we all go through different problems
but..we all feel the same emotionally regardless

but sunny kept shining
never cared for crying
she's already burnt by her own flames
but it kinda surprised me

sunny..was my best friend
sunny was the girl everybody met
sunny is a charm,
the charm I swallowed that killed me
she turned out to be
my greatest enemy.