Wednesday, October 20, 2010

like lightening strokes, electrocution beneath my dreams
below the stars I lay waitin for an angel to lift my feet
me against gravity as the world takes on to me
depravity in my world..I'm watchin my soul scream
waitin on time as it tells me to wait on destiny
I fall deeper leavin my soul to internally bleed
I keep holdin on as I get a little more weak
theres a little bit of strength enough to hold on to me
but I'm beginning to let go before these angels set my hands free
nothing for the world to know but I keep spittin these words across a screen
distance is far and once ur gone that's gonna be hard to believe,
love comes once and your runnin through my mind gradually
its enough that its tough fillin these words with profanity
is it in you or in these words I gotta give a knock at reality,
because I ain't livin so happily..
ever after like Cinderella its the fact to be,
that ups and downs loadin shit on my back massively..
so what the fuck I ain't rappin here
this is what I'm feelin because you know I'm zappin tears
as I'm writin these words
when will I get the chance to relax and breathe
I felt it a moment ago lyin in ur arms indeed
Imma give you the time to take your time to proceed
and let you know that I'm waitin right here..
no matter the fuck the time
no matter the fuck it takes to survive
I don't give a fuck because you already took my life
distance is nothin..
I said Imma be here for eternity,
so I ain't gonna sit here and watch you get up and leave
just like that as if we was enemies..
nearly 8000 miles away at day seventeen
that's why I'm cryin that's what I need you to see
I can play just that in a symphony
I'm gonna miss you
to the depth of infinity..

Written By Esra Chebli